‘Brilliant, BONKERS… perfect for kids!’

Mrs. Jefford, Teacher, Earlsfield Primary School


The three actors, ‘Biff, Bash and Bosh’ were likeable, friendly and full of enthusiasm and it was fabulous to see how inclusive the workshops were so that all of our pupils could engage with them.” Sarah Hurtado - Deputy Head, Strathmore School


'The kids were LAUGHING and singing all the way home. WHEN CAN WE GO AGAIN?'  Amy, Mum of Josh (5)

‘The songs are really FUNNY, and the DANCING ALIEN was REALLY funny!’ Victoria (8)


'AMAZING PARTY! 30 HAPPY KIDS & a party that will not be forgotten!

Thank you!'      Claire Johnson, Mum


'I loved pretending to be the giant vegetables, my favourite was the big grumpy potato!’ Josh, (5)


‘My 7 year old was transfixed!’  Carrie, Mum


‘I loved doing the actions!’ Maisie, (6)


‘The kids had so much fun and really got into it’ Sally, Mum


‘It was so much fun smashing an egg on Luigi’s (Bash) head!’ Isaac, (7)


‘Thank you so much, please come back!’ Mrs Colcough, teacher


‘Dedicated, professional performers who put on a really fun show!’ Will, Dad


‘I loved it when he SMASHED an egg on his head!’ Devon (7 ½)