Arts Award

Are you working towards your Arts Award Discover or Arts Award Explore?

If you are, WE CAN HELP! - We are an Arts Award Supporter!


So...... what would you do? (teachers please scroll down)

We can come to your school and you can WATCH us perform one of our range of shows.


Then you can take part in a QUESTION & ANSWER session after the show, where you can meet and INTERVIEW our actors.



Also, you can TAKE PART in our WORKSHOPS which would relate to the performance. 


Our FUN and exciting storytelling WORKSHOPS will build on the show and you'll learn HOW TO CREATE CHARACTERS who will meet each other, and together we will CREATE STORIES which you can then write about or draw at home to put in your Artsbox portfolio.



How does this link to Arts Award?

Arts Award Requirements - with Silly Train Theatre, children can:

  • Watch performances, and afterwards meet and interview our acting team
  • Interview our director about our rehearsal and devising process
  • Take part in drama workshops to create their own characters and stories 
  • Perform their work to others

We offer:

  • Workshops OR performance
  • Workshops AND performance



Our shows don’t just involve watching! All our performances encourage getting on your feet and taking part.


Our different shows are either:



An example of a show which is just for fun is the high energy Biff! Bash! Bosh! which we performed at Edinburgh Festival, Latitude Festival and at various schools.


Our HAVE FUN & LEARN performances support the national curriculum, such as our “Silly Train does…” series which are currently in development:

  • Silly Train Theatre does… Maths
  • Silly Train Theatre does… Storytelling
  • Silly Train does… Science



We can perform one of our range of shows and can offer a question and answer session after the show, whereby children can meet and interview our acting team and director. Then the children can then write about or draw at home to put in their Artsbox portfolio


For example, after each performance of our show Biff! Bash! Bosh! at the recent Latitude Festival in July, our actors were interviewed by several young people who were working towards their Arts Award Discover.



In the workshops children would be encouraged to:

  • Create exciting characters using voice and physicality
  • Participate in structured improvisation through positive interaction
  • Build new stories both individually and collaboratively using role play
  • Explore and develop ideas through hot seating
  • Continue to work on their stories at home through writing and drawing
  • Build confidence and have fun!


If children are working towards their Arts Award Explore, then we can adapt the workshops so that afterwards children could share the characters and stories they have created by way of a performance in front of another class.


National Curriculum Links

  • Children can explore characters and events to develop their understanding of a narrative
  • Use working in role to develop their own stories
  • Interact with others positively during collaborative work
  • Increase vocabulary and understanding
  • Listen to and discuss the themes linking what they hear and read to their own experiences


We can also offer bespoke performances & workshops if there’s a particular topic the school would like us to cover.