About Us

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy, SILLY TRAIN THEATRE FOR KIDS began as 3 friends with a mutual love of silliness!!! 


Comic trio David G Allen, Josie Bloom & Simon Gibbons are all experienced professional actors and skilled improvisers in their own right, and who have worked in various productions together for the past 4 years. 


David (BIFF) is the main writer, Josie (BOSH) is the main director & designer and Simon (BASH) is the sales & marketing guru.



Previous performances & workshops include

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 (14 shows) 
  • Latitude Festival 2015 (5 shows)
  • Earlsfield Primary School
  • Meadlands Primary School
  • Strathmore School
  • The Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital
  • Various birthday parties


Our promo video includes footage from the show’s 1st performance at Earlsfield Primary School and from performances at Edinburgh Festival. New video footage coming soon.


Photos are from performances at Latitude Festival, Edinburgh Festival and Strathmore School in Richmond, in addition to various workshops and birthday parties.